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HMS Belfast sits regally on the Thames by Tower Bridge

Opera on Board HMS Belfast

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Where next?  We have been lucky enough to perform in some stunning, unusual and historically important venues around the world, but we believe we made history last week performing opera for the first time during a private dinner in one…
Singers in period costume standing in The Green Hall at Amorbach Abbey

Royal Connections at Amorbach Abbey

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We recently had the pleasure of performing in the stunning Green Hall of Amorbach Abbey in Germany. A more fitting setting for a performance of live opera would be hard to imagine, but this one in particular has a fascinating history with…

Opera Magic

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At London Festival Opera we are passionate about bringing opera to as wide an audience as possible, and especially about the importance of exposing children to music of a high calibre from an early age.  Some years ago, therefore, we created…
A child learning music

The Importance of Being Musical!

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether listening to it, singing or playing an instrument.  It is a universal language which most people can understand and appreciate. Despite this wide interest, however, many schools are having to cut down…
Wardrobe mistress attends to Dorabella's hair in our magnificent dressing room at The Goldsmiths' Hall

An Operatic Bus Ride around the City of London!

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With over thirty years of performing under our belts and dozens, if not hundreds, of private and corporate engagements during that time it struck me recently, as I travelled round London, in just how many fantastic venues we have been lucky…
Live Opera for a Birthday Party

Opera for a Birthday Party

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Live opera is the perfect entertainment for a Birthday Party, particularly if the guest of honour is an opera fan!  Hearing live opera up close is stunning, it provides party guests with a thrill they will remember for ever, and the entertainment…

Opera for Festivals

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There are many wonderful music and arts festivals around the world, with more springing up all the time.  As our name suggests, you may not be surprised to hear that it is those that feature classical music which hold a special place in…
Charity Fundraising Event

How to Maximise your Fundraising Potential at a Charity Event

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Fundraising in times of financial hardship and political uncertainty is tough, no matter how worthy the cause. Read our blog to see how you might maximise your fundraising potential at a charity event.
Opera for corporate or charity eventsLondon Festival Opera

Why Choose Opera for your next Corporate Event?

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Nothing beats the thrill of hearing an opera singer up close and the power of the human voice will astound your guests.  There is so much repertoire to choose from; passionate arias, romantic love duets, and powerful ensembles.  Combine this…

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