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Pretty Woman A Night at the Opera

Opera at the Movies - a new performance!

London Festival Opera is presenting a new programme - 'A Night at the Movies'. Opera is known for its ability to evoke intense emotions. By featuring opera in films, directors can tap into the emotional power of the music and performances…

The Passion in Handel Operas

Most people may think of 'Messiah' and other sacred works when they consider Handel. It may surprise you to link Handel operas (from the Baroque period of the 18th century) with the word 'passion'. Those who already have heard performances…

Lesley Manville - Desert Island Discs

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The Actress Lesley Manville created a really special Desert Island Discs including opera. She revealed that as a girl classical singing was an important part of her life and that she could have perhaps chosen an operatic career. Had she…
Her Majest The Queen at WindsorOK

Memories of singing for Her Majesty The Queen

Over the years it has been an honour to perform for many members of the Royal Family at private and charity occasions. The most special and memorable must be a private and intimate occasion in Windsor in the presence of The Queen - so intimate…

Singing again!

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It has been a very challenging 18th months for performers or all kinds - some normality seems to be returning to our profession as we proceed with caution and start planning performances. Philip Blake-Jones (Baritone and Artistic Director…
Anvil Chorus

Opera Choruses - with the Self Isolation Choir

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Covid 19 has had a profound impact on the arts generally, particularly live music.  Some normality is returning but we seem far away from complete freedom from restrictions.  It is possible that things will not be as they were for…
Zoom Opera GalaLondon Festival Opera

Host a Zoom Opera Party for a birthday or other celebration

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We are still in the midst of lockdown limitations, but let’s look at what we can do in these times rather than what we can’t.  It certainly seems that being able to go to the opera or present opera at a party is still some way off. A…
Philip teaching online

Online Singing Teaching Worldwide!

Singing for physical and mental health The pandemic has savaged the arts and I am very concerned for the future, but there is some consolation in the opportunity to teach again.  To be able to pass on what I have learned from some of…

Puccini & Elvira - a real-life tragedy

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Puccini met Elvira Gemignani in 1884 whilst giving her piano lessons.  She was to become his lover though she was already married.  Soon it became clear that she was expecting a child and not her husbands.  This is was a shocking…

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