London Festival Opera Singing Waiters


London Festival Opera Singing Waiters


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London Festival Opera singing waiters


Surprise Singers and Singing Waiters

A Surprise Start is a perfect way to begin a really special evening, providing the perfect combination of excitement, surprise and laughter for your guests.  Our singing waiters offer you the perfect surprise entertainment for your event. Singing waiters are a particularly great form of wedding entertainment.

The scenario is a simple one – our Singing Waiters greet your guests on arrival posing as waiting staff or even as fellow party goers. Your real guests will not suspect a thing until the moment the waiters burst into fabulous operatic song.  The waiters will then be revealed as world class opera singers who have performed at the Royal Opera House, English National Opera or Glyndebourne. This format works equally well for all styles of events from a formal dinner or drinks reception to an intimate party in your own home. What better way to make your event stand out than by giving your guests a thrill they will talk about and remember for years to come?

After a surprise start our Singing Waiters can then go on to present an entertaining and contrasting programme of well-known pieces from the world of opera, operetta and musicals.  We will work with you to create the perfect programme for the occasion and include any special requests you may have. We understand that you want to make your event unique, particularly if you are arranging a very personal event such as a wedding or birthday party. The programme can range from celebrated arias and ensembles from the great operas such as ‘Carmen’, ‘La Traviata’ and ‘Torandot’, to an operatic arrangement of a pop song such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or ‘Wannabe’.  The sky’s the limit!  Accompaniment can be piano, orchestral backing tracks or a combination of the two.

What makes us different from other ‘singing waiters’?

Our secret singers are distinguished and talented opera artists who have performed with some of the most esteemed opera companies in exclusive venues around the world.  Your operatic entertainment starts with the element of surprise and then continues into a fuller performance of the highest artistic standards, adding an extra dimension to what will already be a thrilling evening.  This winning combination can elevate your corporate event, private party or wedding above all others, guaranteeing it will remain a talking point for years to come.

London Festival Opera keeps the surprise effect very simple, not involving any unnecessarily lengthy scenarios.  Rather our ‘singing waiters’ subtly join the staff or guests for a short time and blend in before bursting into song at the given moment.  By the end of the opening piece your guests will be in raptures, starting the operatic entertainment element of your party or event in a fun, relaxed and innovative way.


LFO has presented opera with ‘surprise’ car technicians, security staff, police men and women, auction house porters, medical staff – the possibilities are endless!  We pride ourselves on rising to a challenge so if there is a particular disguise that would suit your event or the tastes of your guest of honour, for example, please just let us know.

You can reach us via email or you can call Philip on +44 (0) 207 223 5456 or 07802 183847

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Client Testimonials

“You really had my guests, including my wife, fooled. The sheer amazement on their faces when your singers (the waiters!) started to sing is something I will never forget. The standing ovation that followed spoke for itself. Thank you so much!”

James SFollowing a Birthday Party at a London Club

“I am so glad we went for the singing waiters option. The effect worked so well and set the right element of fun I was keen to establish. The children enjoyed the evening as much as the 90-year olds and many commented on the wide variety of pieces we had – ‘something for everyone’.”

Rebecca AFollowing a private Anniversary Party in the country

“Wow! The impact of your opera performance was just what I had wanted for the wedding breakfast. Light and fun, but dramatic and, I have to admit, very moving at times. The serving staff breaking out into wonderful, thrilling opera was exactly the right way to begin.”

Sara FFollowing a Wedding Reception

“A Triumph!  Your performance was outstanding!!!  I have never enjoyed an evening’s entertainment so much!”

Principal, Mansfield College OxfordFollowing a private College event

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