The Lecture Room at Sketch, London

On New Year’s Eve London Festival Opera dovetailed celebrated opera arias with the exceptional feast served in the Lecture Room at Sketch.  Sketch is an amazing complex within the original Georgian town house on Conduit Street, and was built in 1779 by James Wyatt. Formerly it hosted the HQ of suffragette movements in the early 20th century and was then the workshop of Christian Dior.  In the late 90s it caught the eye of Mazouz and since 2023 has been owned by Mazouz.  It has 5 highly decorated ‘fantasy’ eateries, including 3 restaurants in the building: the Parlour, the Lecture Room & Library, the Glade, the Gallery, and the Eastbar & Pods. The Lecture Room & Library holds 3 Michelin stars.

London Festival Opera presented a surprise Opera Gala in the magnificent setting of one of the member’s intimate Dining Rooms in The Palace of Westminster. It was impossible to have a piano so, once again, our orchestral backing tracks provided the perfect solution and made the musical entertainment possible. A cast of four superb opera singers treated the assembles guests to a programme featuring arias and ensembles from the operas of Handel, Mozart, Verdi and Puccini – the evening ended with an operatic ‘Happy Birthday’ for the special occasion. Entry into the Palace was through the great and historic Westminster Hall – what an entrance!

Opera could be the perfect entertainment your Christmas Party, whether a private, corporate or charity event. London Festival Opera works with a client to create the perfect programme combining celebrated opera and operetta and hits from musicals. The company specialises in programmes of passion, drama, humour and audience interaction. What better way to end a party than all singing a well-known Christmas carol together? People love to sing and join the soloists in a rousing vocal finale to the evening.

The celebrated duet sung by the characters Zurga and Nadir in Bizet’s opera ‘The Pearlfishers’ is one of the most popular and loved pieces in opera – hence it is one of the most regularly requested. The duet’s soaring melodies, emotional depth, and the way it captures the essence of friendship and romantic longing have contributed to its enduring appeal. Its popularity has led to it being recognized outside the opera world and it has been featured in films including ‘Gallipoli’ when the captain plays the piece on his gramophone as a last glimpse of civilisation the evening before the final brutal offensive. Listen to London Festival Opera perform the duet at La Fenice in Venice: ‘Au fond du temple saint’ (The Pearlfishers – Bizet_ – London Festival Opera at La Fenice in Venice – YouTube

Pretty Woman A Night at the Opera

London Festival Opera is presenting a new programme – ‘A Night at the Movies’.

Opera is known for its ability to evoke intense emotions. By featuring opera in films, directors can tap into the emotional power of the music and performances to deepen the audience’s connection with the characters and their stories. The soaring melodies and passionate singing can evoke a wide range of emotions, adding an extra layer of emotional depth to the film. Classic movies such as ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘A Room with a view’, ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Gallipoli’, ‘The Father’, ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, ‘Philadelphia’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Quartet’, ‘Atonement’, ‘Godfather III’, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ and ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’ all feature some of the greatest opera ever written.

Charity Fundraising Event

Fundraising in times of financial hardship and political uncertainty is tough, no matter how worthy the cause.  Charities now, even more than ever, need to find new, innovative ways to catch the attention of potential donors and to bring them into a ‘feel-good’ setting, where spirits can be raised as well as funds!

Traditionally, large-scale charitable fundraising has often been aimed at a luxury market; drawing perhaps from a relatively small group of donors, albeit one with all the right resources!  Increasingly, however, charities are looking to broaden their base of regular donors to include a new and larger demographic.  What better way could there be to attract a new crowd into the concept of generous and regular giving than by treating them to a spectacular event which offers a touch of luxury, something with a real ‘Wow!’ factor?

Opera can often be perceived to be a serious and heavy art form, one with which you need to be familiar in order to enjoy it.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  A gala dinner (for instance) with entertainment by London Festival Opera includes many of the best-known arias so will appeal equally to newcomers and seasoned opera lovers alike.  It will provide a sophisticated but lively and fun evening, full of drama, passion, humour and interaction with guests.  Who could fail to feel flattered to receive the attentions of Carmen as she serenades a male guest with a red rose during her infamous Habanera aria?  Or indeed, have their adrenalin levels raised by The Barber of Seville approaching them with a large and shiny blade?!  All this combined with the thrill of hearing at close range the human voice in its most refined form is an unbeatable combination.

London Festival Opera have been involved with charity fundraising events for many years, having been the vehicle for raising many hundreds of thousands of pounds for a wide range of charities, including the British Red Cross, Animal Health Trust, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Tusk, Cancer Research, Mencap, Barnardo’s and Tommy’s Campaign.  Venues have ranged from London Livery Halls to private country houses, including theatres, concert halls, schools and Royal Palaces along the way.  We have many years of experience creating bespoke programmes for charity events, so please do feel free to contact us if you are considering organising a special event and would appreciate advice on how best to entertain your guests for maximum effect.  As well as advice on the type of programme which would be most suitable for your cause we can also advise on sponsorship ideas which have worked and helped charities raise funds in the past.

If guests leave a fundraising event without having had their emotions heightened, their passions aroused, or their laughter muscles exercised they are more likely to leave with money still in their pockets.  If you move them with excitement, passion, laughter and tragedy all in the space of an hour, having set those emotions to some of the greatest and most rousing music ever written, you’re on to a winner.

Please contact:  Philip Blake-Jones on +44 (0) 207 223 5456 or 07802 182847


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